Autumn Ascent

I see the sky shining above

I feel the planet pulling me

grip and pull

kick and climb

as the earth falls behind


The wind blows

the trees creak

the birds soar

and the earth falls behind


The gritty rocks the victorious sweat

I pause to breathe but I’m not there yet

the treacherous path continues on

I smile and start it won't be long

‘til the earth falls away


An eon later I’m at the top

I see the world and my heart stops

the annual hike

that mighty climb

was not for naught


The earth falls away, in burning splendor

gold, red, orange, the forest burns

the last specks of green, barely seen

stand out amid the crimson flame

Rolling fires, cover the land,

up and down, in gentle curves

spotted here and there with little lakes

reflecting back the burning trees


In the meadows the grass is gold

in the fields the corn is dust

as I survey the wondrous world

I’m glad that I have found my home


If only for a little while


In a few short weeks the leaves will fall

and dead and bare will be my home


But now in these last weeks of summer

I long to see the forest burn



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