Aura of Childhood Innocence

You don't miss something until its gone,

You don't love something until you set it free -

The same could be said about my childhood,

It was gone in a second, long and drawn out, yet still a mere instant.

And it wasn't until it was a faded memory that I learned to appreciate it.

I took everything for granted - every second, every moment, every breath, even everyone.

I didn't think about the future because I was a child,

I couldn't fathom even twenty-five years into the future, yet alone if the people that surround me today would surround me tomorrow.

The concept of death was messy and incomprehensible - I couldn't imagine that I would never see him again.

The aura of innocence ingulfed in my existence, my entire being, became loose - 

Torn and emptied out of my soul, my childhood became that - a distant and haunting memory.


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