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Peck. A stolen fire. Rip. Humanity’s freedom. Shred. Your salvation. Tear. My Heart. Scratch.
Catalytic fire, Exponentially growing To enlighten us Souls untouched by love, Which expand with rising warmth. We owe you our praise.
I mourn for you my dear Prometheus
This is where goddess of wisdom began, In Athens, a petite village and shed; Where Athena grew up and made odd plans, To fight for the throne and not worry to wed. She was like a book that had not been read,
“It is said that Prometheus ascended into heaven and secretly lit his torch at the chariot of Helios, in order to bring down fire to man”
Behold! The once sublime and supreme man Trembling and dripping through the moon and sun: Like the God -- tied barely to life and land, Waiting for his last dawn of pain to come. The life and juvenility are torn,
And my Love’s heavy body lays lifeless, at my feet. I shiver at her ghastly beauty, lost .
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