App Musings

I’m inundated, like being stuck under a waterfall
Relentless flow of application information
Why can’t this deluge be money?
Applications for colleges, scholarships, volunteering, jobs
Maybe there’s calm in that game app
It’s rarely used for phone calls anyway
Right… poor me… focus please
Sure, I’ll be your caddy for the day!
Yes!  Some time with my friend
Senior year will be tough but fun
I see myself at college but it’s like looking through a distorted, fish-eye lens
Or the beer goggles I wore in health class
Where is the water going?
Is it destined for an eddy?  Am I? 
Circling around on the side – stuck
The big leap into college is 12 months away!
Will it ever get here?
My brother is so frustrated with puberty’s slow entrance
Don’t be in a rush… Now I sound like an adult
But I am!  
But I’m not (quite)
Name, address, coursework, essaaaaaay
Any given summer day
Rushing past me like the waterfall


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