Anxious to Another Level

calm down

they say 

you are fine

they say


Stop. Stop feeling this way 

and you will be okay

but how? 

How do I stop my brain 


from spiraling out of control

from telling my body that 

I need to expel the contents of my stomach 

so the panic ends


when? When will this constant flow of thoughts 

stop? How do I get them to stop 

so I'm not caught in the 

whirlpool of stress


they say they understand

but do you really? 

Do you wake up breathing too fast

wondering if you should take the medication 


to make it go away? 

Do you see your crush

or your significant other

and run away to the bathroom? 


Can you take the test 

and get your license 

without throwing up 

all over the instructor? 


It's pretty funny 

but it hurts 

so do you really understand? 

The fear of the unknown? 

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Our world
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