Another Mess Up


United States
27° 56' 10.9788" N, 82° 22' 39.8424" W

So I messed up again and this time it was worse
Almost leaving in a cop car, the next will be a hearse
I made a simple mistake and at the time it wasn’t that bad
Just take these two shirts and stuff em in my bag
I won’t get caught, I mean for this petty shit?
Only people that get caught are the ones who don’t have common sense.
But me, I'm different, I can get away
I'm above the law or so they say.
See, cus everyone has been boosting my head of what I can do
How amazing and perfect I am and I believed it was true
Don’t get me wrong though, most of it was right
But I took it straight to the dome; let it get me high like a dope fiend on white
It was all me, I'm self-made.
The only thing missing was some gold and a high-top fade.
So as I sit with this officer and tell him my information
All the shit about fuck the police fades out of rotation
Because you can believe that rap if you want to
But them rappers can’t help when your parents might lose you


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