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It is time to lift up the carpet of deception and expose the dirt that you swept under it. We do not care whether you can stand the smell of your own excrement or not.
O wait! Is it real? I am looking at the mirror, is it real? O my life, what did you from me steal? O wait! Is it real? My soul, my love, or even myself. What is in me real?
Mr. Cheetah,   Those who cheatconstantly repeattaking that which is nottheirs, to eat.  
  Crips and Bloods, robbers and killers. Crips and Bloods, murders and stealers.
  Jealousy, The reality I had to live through Because realistically Writing is something I commit to Gotta sit through Defending my own conflict view
Harsh and cold Is the shattered concrete Click clicking beneath the feet Of jostled ignorance   Heavily breathing Pant panting anxiety Beneath these metal ghosts  
So I messed up again and this time it was worse Almost leaving in a cop car, the next will be a hearse I made a simple mistake and at the time it wasn’t that bad Just take these two shirts and stuff em in my bag
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