Anna's Ballroom

A dream divine
Is only a nightmare
If a thought is to blind beyond
I often question such a beautiful
Curse of a dream
Is it only a reality that we often wonder?
Or is it the matter of selfishness
We hold in?
Yet As I slumber through the night
I’m awaken by the touch of Anna’s Light
I stand, As I take her hand
Not by demand but I wake
To her guidance into a perfection
Of elegance
As we walk Pandora’s road
She takes me into Heaven’s ballroom
Where my rusted clothes turn into
Dove’s white
I stare into her twinkles as we
Glided gracefully around the floor
For the first time in this dream
I have smiled before
Her smile reminded me that beauty
Is gay and righteous
To those who persue happiness so blindly
Even in this dream
I choose my words wisely
I taste wildly the Grapes of white wine
We share,
I gaze at her smile
That I know really isn’t there
Deep down in a dream the tragedy
That strikes you down always
Has a strange way to intervene
I offer one last dance
As I stand to take my swan’s hand
There was a beautiful music note
Playing in my heart as we wondered
Into each other’s eyes
She was so graceful
She was a dancing rose that smiled
She is my definition of Heavens perfect
Then I stopped the dance
To feel the beautiful skin
Of Caramels and Paradoxes
Then there was the falling leaves
From her trees
I held her closer and counted the leaves
And filtered her bosom against
My chest
In a delight upon an electric gaze
We kissed in the dancing spotlight
As we kissed the spotlight gradually
Darkened the world in its entirety
As I stared through the blackout affair
I waited for Heaven’s light to appear
When it appeared, Just as I feared
In my cold hands was my skeletal lover
In a white dress
As the dream closed as a mess
I stood up the skeletal remains
And danced the night away
Because I will never
Let such a pain and pleasure slip away
Twas’ this night was Ours


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