In and Out

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:30 -- jxxh

I thought I loved you,

but I think I fell in love with the thought of you.

You kissed me with such passion,

and you told me things I know you had a hard time saying,

but when you did they spilled like a glass of water.

When we touched I felt complete,

wrapped in the warmth of your arms,

feet tangled together,

But when we started to falter I felt the warmth turn ice cold,

I felt your tear stricken gaze harden into something I'd never seen before,

I felt your anger bubble,

and when your angry words slipped past your lips I felt my heart shatter.

You weren't just a fling.

You were a friend. 

You were a lover.

And it felt more right with you than it ever had with anyone else.

But you wrote out how you felt,

and made me fill up with self-doubt. 

You made my chest tighten,

my legs go numb,

my head fog, 

my eyes dampen,

My darling,

I've never felt more broken.

and when our relationship got thinner,

and the intensity in the air got thicker,

we disappeared. 


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