A girl that runs away from her fears 
She is not weak 
She is alone 
Walking this earth with no hand to hold
She stares up at the stars and the moon
And she wonders if help will come soon 
And while her life shadders and her tears fall 
She looks at the world 
So empty and dark 
And cold
She wonders what life would be like if she were someone new
Care free drama free stress free
What kind of life would that be 
And every night she would wish for a new life
A given right she would cry out 
Out of all the things that have happened to me
What did I do to deserve such misery
And at this point she's officially broken 
It's gotten to the point where the pieces are so shallow and so small they can never be put back together they can only continue to break
From this day forward she is not a girl she is a lifeless being 
Walking the streets with no soul no heart no mind 
Lost on this earth with nothing left to find and nothing she could've left behind
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I think we all wish for no drama and to be care free. This poem is great and worded really well and I love your emotions behind it. Keep writing and please read my pomes and give me your feedback


Aw thank you very much, I'm sorry for the late reply but I will take the time to read and give you feedback as well.


How can I get to your account ? 


Go on google, type in savigirl14 and the first link allows you to read all the poems I have posted on the site :)

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