All Because I'm Loved

Rejection, Neglect, Confused, Confined


Traits of a sociopathic mind, that's what society tells me i'm just nothing but labels pathetic worthless

Attempted at life but resulted in an attempt in suicide.

With friends and family who love and care, but none of that registers because my feelings, have already shrouded my sight.


My sight that things would get better,

My sight that love with prevail,

My sight that good will always win


"No!" says depression

"No!" says regret

"No!" say hopelessness


But I was saved by love,


That is what saved me yet even at that moment of truth I was unable to comprehend.

And there was grace for me.


I was never just alone.


But Never do you doubt what you see in me,

Never do you recognize the pain that I bleed,

And know that i'm stronger than what you've thought.

All because i'm love


Because I was meant to live,

To endure and be strong,

And I will fight till the end

All because i'm loved



Fight like a soldier

dont sit like a boulder taking everything that comes at you and doing nothing. As much as I see you are a soldier and you've moved that bolder with love.

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