Ain't Over Yet

Honestly, I fell for you;

I fell for you hard, like nothing else mattered.

You were on my mind day and night and everything in between;

You were wise and unique in a way I couldn’t comprehend.

My curiosity pulled me in as you talked to people I knew I’d never know;

My love for school and adventure diminished as you became my friend;

You made me feel as if it would never end, like you actually cared.


But, you didn’t, you never could;

I was nothing and you knew it.

You saw that I was clumsy and ugly and annoying;

I was empty with no value or motive.


But, I had something.

I had love and passion in my heart;

I had strength, maybe not in body, but in soul;

I had something more than you could ever keep;

I had a mind that you could never reach,

But you could seep through every time I peek.

You were right, I’m nothing but a creep.


You moved on as if you never knew;

The girl who loved you so; you had no clue.

Our friendship ended without a bang;

Maybe this act was all part of a play.


I hate you so, yet never could;

I love you so, but why, oh no.

You may not think of me anymore,

But I think of you forevermore.

I hear your voice in the night;

A siren call I couldn’t fight,

Yet you were nothing too.


You may have smiled in that broken shell;

You may seem happy, when I have fell;

I may hate you, but don’t go to hell

Because this ain’t over and you know as well.


I see that look behind your eyes in class;

I see that frown I never thought you’d cast;

I see the way you looked so tired each day;

I see the way you care about me, although you’ll never say.

You look at me like I am brand new, like a dream you never recognized;

You saw the light the hid behind my eyes, and the soul which I thought you despised;

But, no, this ain’t over yet, from what I see inside.


Here I am, safe and strong;

Here I was, all along

Yet, you could never see;

You’re not the one who set me free.


Because I am me, and you are you;

That’s how you broke my heart in two.

But, I dusted the sorrow from my heart;

I am trying to make a new start.

I fight every day to stop the tears;

Heartbreak is no longer on my list of fears.

I know now, I ain’t over yet.


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