For years and years and years I thought,

“Oh, I just can’t wait ‘til I’m grown up!”

“I’ll go wherever I want and do as I please.

I’ll sleep when I want and eat all the sweets!”

“There’ll be no one to tell me what to do!

I’ll have a big house and have my own rules.”

“I’ll play all day until I can’t stand.

I want to grow up, as fast as I can!”

Now that I’m here, in the land of adults

Being a grown up is not as I thought.

My boss is yelling,

The baby’s crying,

The banks are calling,

Oh, what do I do?

What is this eternal hell that I’ve wished upon myself?

Set me free of this cage that’s killing me inside!

I feel like an infant fresh out of the womb

Forced into a world of doom.

A world I do not understand.

All I can do is cry for a guiding hand.

I cry and I cry,

For now I have realized,

I spent all those years on a dream.

A dream!

A dream that’s not as it seems!

Oh mother please help me I’m lost and I’m scared!

I’m not prepared for this world out there!

What is this place, this fresh living hell?

Where are the years that rushed by me so well?

I’m sick of remembering the days!

Where I was able to play,

Play without a worry.

Where I was able to breathe!

Breathe without wasting time…

I’m sick of remembering those years,

Can’t I just live them instead?

Adulthood is not what I dreamed.

Being a grown up is not as it seemed.


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