Adieu (Prose)

You were sitting by a hotel pool,

holding what looked like a margarita in your left hand

and a lack of energy in your right. Your eyes were the second

organs I lashed my gaze upon, your declinations

being the first.

I disrespectfully couldn't force myself to look

away. You weren't drinking your cocktail, but your eyes

drank the pool's bitter chlorine. At one point I considered

your cynical expression a facade to avoid conversation

until I caught you surveying me, your face unreadable.

Another lingered by, a troubadour of skewed complexions 

who looked far too nonchalent to be yours. I opted for tearing

his jeopardies to shreds. If I stood idle, I would

stay in your crosshairs. He played the antagonist, poor fool, and your 

eyes flicked away. He was done for.

Naturally, he didn't wait around for the evening horizon to battle

you, and his sour incident he'd scaled became

a spiteful regret. It put your exchange with him on the skids. I could

see it in your language, the way you 

marked me as a libertine.

Yet still, you turned against the tide I prepared

to align with you, and just like that

our future dissolved forever.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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