abuse at home

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I don’t understand, What i can withstand, Is you on the line, Of being blind, Because what you can’t see, Is what I take a knee for,
Drink, drink, yell, yell, hit hit The little girl is the target Swing and throw until she falls down Go to the lake and try to drown
I remember those things so well In my mind forever Reliving it is complete hell Forgetting would be better
31,536,000 seconds. The time I had to change. 86,400 seconds. The amount of time it took.  Days blurred together, Repetitive routine with no interruption.
Here I am present, the tiny infats who die, from unfit "Parents".   Here I am the Light, the Savior for the abused, so many children.   Who am I, you ask?
Abuse   Do you like this? Do you like seeing my suffer. All the blood and tears you've gave me... I don't cut for a chuckle or to amuse. But to show the pain and years of abuse.
Children lying prostrate on the floor Overworked and under-born And on the sabbath every week You come alive and watch them bleed Watch them weep into the sea Streaming colors laced with dreams
Many children are scared of monsters under the bed though adults know it's all in their head Though other children fear monsters in the house they must run and hide be quiet as a mouse
ABUSED SURVIVER   Balling your fist Just hoping you missed Every single throw. But then agian Oh, there you go With every blow. Just knocking me down Smacking me around
My father was a terrorist. He did not wear a turban, nor did he worship Allah, nor was his skin brown like the sun kissed sands of Arabia.
Behind every closed door may or may not be a secret. Yet people decide to be fake, despite it.
There he stands, framed in the doorway In his hand the black leather strip sway' Oh how it sway,' and the mother cower away. Cover the child, hide him from sight Of eyes hazy with whiskey-demon light.
What am I?
The devil was once an angel. So kind; could do no harm. But once he drinks, out comes the belt, and the anger of his past I left you for a reason, hoping you won't hurt me again,
Don't let anyone put you down, don't let anyone hurt you. Don't just lay ther and take it. Stand up. FIGHT IT! just some advice my dad gives.  
Tick tock, tick tockThe clock is screamingMy tears are sreamingIs he here tonight?  
She is ripped away from life slowly. Her flesh. Her soul. Her eyes. Her heart. Yet she stays put, to remain holy. A girl so naïve and scared to part. She has memorized the patterns of alcohol,
Sucking in the scent through swollen red nostrils.
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