He is God.


He is God

not Michael or John

But he is God

The only one

He is God

Of all nations and all races

Yes he is Lord

And Creator of all places



My God is your God

And who soever forsaketh thee

Shall not find peace

And light in his eternity


So turn away from your sins

Salvation and repentance isn't hard

Turn to Our God

Or death will have your barred


He is GOD - not god or God

Because his highness is the highest

And his power is fulfillment.









NB: My name is Charity and I am a sinner.

If you are not Christian and are here to hate on my belief, go ahead. My faith in God does not waver, I am not afraid to admit that he is God and his son is the son of all sons Jesus Christ. He was spat on and died for me, for you and for us all. Therefore, I will not fear, fret or deny his name on the sands of fire or among a milion other people. He is God. God is the creator, fulfiller and savior and I love and believe in him with all my heart and all my every being.

thank you for reading <3



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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