2/17/13 1:19am

I drove past the place we first met and the house we spent hours entangled and intertwined.
I drove the roads you drove while clutching my hand ever so slightly and softly singing along to the radio.
This time of year will probably always be hard for me;
remembering how we spent those cold day nestled in each others arms.
The sound of the television seemed light years away;
with your heartbeat filling my ears with a rhythm so perfect it can never be mimicked.
Every inch of your skin that touched mine sent sparks rippling delightfully throughout my body.
Your voice, filled with sleepiness and innocence, was as quiet as a whisper;
but I would be able to hear it from across the globe.

You made me feel happiness along with desire, wrath, temptation, passion, compassion, despair, love, love, love.
Of course, none of these emotions could ever compare to the grief of losing you; so shallow and greedy was I in those last few weeks.
I took chances and crossed lines to see if you cared when all along you cared for me as I had for you. I lost you, in the blink of an eye all the light, warmth, love that filled my soul plunged onto a deep, dark despair.

Countless nights I spent, contouring myself to a body that was no longer there.
Tears soaked my pillow almost every night because I knew this was my own doing. My insecurities about love and our future got the best of me.

I know there is no future with you.
I never realized how painful a broken hear was because it had never broken before,
for I had never loved the way I loved you. And maybe one day I’ll get another shot at something so stunningly perfect.

Those moments with you will forever captivate me.


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