10 Pieces of Advice I Would Give Myself

1. It’s okay to cry, don’t let him beat it out of you because if you hold those tears inside, they will eventually drown you.

2.Embrace the parts of you that are fearless-they make you strong. Don’t suppress that, own it.

3.You will discover that you love more intensely than anyone you’ve ever met. It’s painful but it’s beautiful. Don’t fault yourself for loving so much, but don’t fault others for loving less, no one can help who they are.

4.Family is what you make it-that is to say, you may have to find it outside of blood, and that is okay. You can love where you come from without letting it torment you.

5. No matter how much you love someone, you can not love their life back to being better, you can not love away their fears. So love-but also know when to love yourself. It is not beneficial to anyone if you run yourself into the ground on a crusade no one asked you to partake in.

6. Always be honest with yourself, and with others. Sometimes the. Truth hurts, but lies hurt in the end anyway, so it’s best to just rip the bandaid off.

7. You have only your own standards  to worry about. You are resilient enough to figure the rest out. Keep yourself happy, do what feels right. Your gut is your greatest tool to navigating life.

8. Never stop creating. I swear you were made to create. Never stop, it builds in you-the intense feeling that rests on top of your lungs. So create. Release it. It’s much less scary when it’s in the light.

9. Sometimes you will be so sad that you won’t be able to move or breathe or think. Sometimes there won’t feel like there is anyone inside of you. But I promise she always comes back. On those days, just give 100% of what you can. It’s okay if it’s 0%, there’s always tomorrow. You always come back.

10. You are lovable. Yes, you are the fiercest, boldest fighter but you are also soft and I know  you are afraid you will always be too much but you are just the right amount of everything you are. You are loved, you will be loved, you are love.


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