“True” vs. True Beauty

Sickly pale and sculpted plastic

The line between healthy and fat has merged

Not “healthy”, only corpulent and pudgy

One less meal, and another layer of cover-up

Tighter clothes that show more skin, and less of you.

A knife to the face with self-mutilation

Carve into a pretty face to fit falsified notions

Taller, skinnier, perkier, younger

Do you want to know how i got these scars?

To feel beautiful in an upside down world

Starved, depraved, masked, wrecked

Now as money is equal to beauty,

And modesty is a paucity, integrity has evaporated.

The models are a lie, the manufactured and altered

Seemingly pure, but perfectly distorted

The blind are those who look only with their eyes

A man without sight, can see the truth and depth of beauty

As the true beauty of one is in the heart.

We are all different, we are all unique

Different body shapes, eyes, skin color, and hair

With six billion people in the world, no one is you.

Be the truest you, you can be.

True beauty is being who you are.

Forcing into a cookie cutter of perfection

Cuts out pieces of you




beautiful poem.

could not agree more



But in all seriousness. Thank you so much :) I am glad to hear someone likes my poem for one, and that you agree with it's meaning. 

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