Poetry about Donald Trump

                                Only God is Supreme
As a Chorus of Angels, May you rest in PeaceThe Almighty God will render you Justice
Democracy is about freedom of speechAnarchy is, without a doubt, the oppositeOf democracy, liberty and freedom to wish
Many politicians vociferously lie
(Dedicated to you, my Brothers and Sisters)
If you plant the seeds of loveYou'll reap gorgeous flowers of loveIf you spray the seeds of hate
Lethal Thermobaric Bombs Also known as vacuum bombs
Donald Trump , sir it has come to my attention your hair or whatever is on top of my head looks less like a bad haircut and I see the suc
Now I’m A Hip Hop Guy But DON'T Rock Mics’... !!! Cos ‘When It Comes To My Rhymes I PREFER To... ROCK MINDS... !!!