Poems About the Environment

That drive It’s like no other You begin within the confines of humanity Journey across its ingenuity
As the frogs sing, The Sun smiles, Their happiness is contagious, The flowers dance to their tune,
A dove is as white as snow, Looks more beautiful than a crow, In weddings brings tears of joy on one’s face,
Myrtle Beach
Today is the day It's finally May 4 months of winter have gone away Nothing has changed from April to May
Bullying Why does it happen Who does it happen to I don't know why or who But I know how to stop it
Our world is desert Towering dunes of cities Encroaching nature
Watching the snow fall A white blanket all over Glistening crystals Floating from the ice cold sky
Growing up in a violent community where all I see is dope fiens and crack pipes, this isn’t a way of living so it seems like there is no
Standing there all alone Its leaves reaching to the sun Blooming very well