Poems about Animals

there are ghosts in my hallways, skeletons in my closets, and nightmares sewn into my clothes
When we met,  we were like  reflections of  each other. 
As vibrant as a summers glow As tough as woodchippers blade As soft as a silk woven robe
Sadly, your existence ended eighteen months ago.On July 11, 2020, you would have no tomorrow.
The Essence Of A Poem You Will Come Again Let Every Day Be Valentine's Day Drinking the Abstract Of Death
I forget sometimes
Hello assholes!  I am the Puppeteer. With a capital letter and - not otherwise!
Bones creak as I riseTo dim gray morning light.Stumbling across the floorCrimson life from my lip takes flight.
I don't know how to explain how I feel because when I don't feel clean I don't feel like I matter so all the words that you say to make y
When we are gone, none shall remember, not ourselves or prodigy of own