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When the heart is unaware Of the hurting whimpers of despair The nasty wails don't come out loud But manage to get suppressed in a shroud  
Dear Partner-To-Be, I have a wicked request. I want to see the different worlds of this universe, alone, Love myself, and come back home. If during my travels we meet, I welcome you with a simple greet.
I'm trying to pour my heart out  shaping my emotions into words, words that will barely even compare to the vast void of space in my heart success, my aspiration, but I hear those voices in my head,
Pen. Paper.  Thoughts. Words. Feelings.  Unfinished trains of thought.  Wants. Needs. Desires. Plans.  All lie within the space between My poetry and me. 
My dreams, plans, desires, merging at one location. Faith is what I'll bring.
Where did it begin? Glances exchanged. Two lovers unaware of what God has arranged. Interests shared, along with stories of the past. Moments became years and the relationship was meant to last.
It’s always fun when something totally consumes you. When your mind goes blank and feeling lost becomes fun.
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
Everyone says
  If I could drink my tears, I’d no longer be thirsty. If they would quench the fire, I’d no longer be burning. If they would wash away the worms, I’d no longer be hurting.  
Money There's so much of it in the world but why don't I have any of it? Why does my family struggle so much when others have money coming out of their ears? I'm stuck trying to figure out
I just can't find the right one. What am I doing wrong? They say go with the money.  I say I want to go where ever my heart desires. But I have had a personal struggle with having too little.
Why can’t I succumb to these emotions? I see spring, but feel winter Petals dance in the stinging wind Gust of stormy winds raise me to the utmost high
I am sorry, I am a slut. I dream for what I do not have. I crave his touch if only for a second. For his attention to get off of you and on to me.
Staring at her past self Evaporated Dreams Waistline Increased Color Dimmed Snapshots of happiness Endless Sunny Skies Playful Fights Summertime How old was she?
Her dreams are coming true, So long she has waited, She never imagined the things she had so longed for would be given unto her, She has always been a dreamer, She thought these dreams were just like the others;
Harsh Whip Painful Obedience Rewarded Pleasure Consequences Incognizant Joy Abound Futile Resistance Lost Control Scarring Realization Reality Altered Desires Overwhelming
I wish.... I want to be there to hear the sigh.Feel it fill up within your chestAnd hear it rush out your nostrilsAs it does through mine.and to see it in your eyes.That would be beautiful.
I called to the Universe to bring him back.He is the one.He never returned.And I met a guy.And I realized.The Universe didn't bring him back.Because he was not the one.   (December 14, 2011)
Size 4..5.. wait wheres the rest?
The bones they scream in volumes that grow I hear them begging to show They want to press pass the barriers They want me to learn “no” It scares me as much as it thrills me To take it all in and see
Am I wrong if I tell you I want to make love to your mind first ? Before giving giving you back shots that sweat out your hair in make your spine hurt. I want to make you mine first. I want to put in the time first.
  I am that nameless one, the one girl everyone seems to have an opinion on Oh look, there's that one ! that slim one, I heard she was this , heard she was that You hardly even know me to even talk. what do I do ?
There’s a bitch in my brain she’s filled with lemon juice and black tar There’s a bitch in my brain I didn’t see her filled with fragments of broken mirrors and  rotten fruit
the mirror reflects my image i see all flaws no light am i really like this is this what others see?
I’m not perfectI’m not very smartI know I’m differentBut I don’t careBecause I want toChange the worldAnd I’m not goingTo stand aroundLike the restOf you pansiesWho are afraid
Suck it in suck it out. What are you trying to do, pass out? Not something you wish to be? Take heavy thoughts in wisely. It is hard to watch when it's hard to breath. Will you stop going weak, don't deceive.
A pasted on smile, stretched over bleached white teeth Perfect skin, clean and bright Perfect body, toned, tanned, and fit Perfect hair, straighted and dyed THESE are robot girls, ripped from glossy pages.  
The ghostly chest stilled at the thought.. A future of love brought into existence quick like lightning leaving the taste of heavenly ions on this earthly plane.
She walks, shivering under the snow's falling, warming the bones up the best she can. But her body's lean and fragile, vulnerable, a target. Her body does it's best to defend against the winter's harsh chill, but its so difficult.
Oh to life’s little desires Through irresistible body’s pleasures Such do they bring the hottest fires Within you cannot control Within it gives comfort and console Promises to make things better
when you look at me what you see darskin ,brown eyes and sandy brown hair\ do see a big smile, with dark lips someone thats not that tall but stand so tall and proud all the time
I live in Texas weather, It’s way too hot for us. We always pray for rain to come, Then we always fuss. When it comes I’m unprepared And don’t know what to do… I’m undecided what to wear,
Skin deep I'm blond, so I must be dumb, but my mind whirls faster than most. Skin deep I wear skirts, so I'm a crazy conservative, but I'm quite liberal. Skin deep I'm not skinny,
If women are not bound by their waistlines, Then why do girls’ eyes droop at the sight of scales? More like blooming tulips than heady wines,
    Each and every question, by you or I, to me My mind is quick to answer, so sure I’ll feel it be An evolution strikes, as dusk turns into dawn Awakened with wide eyes, my decision’s fully wrong
Pain-filled days run longand hope is dashed with careless words.Love is lost in a night's sleep and reawoken in hopeful dreamsOnly to be found dead in the morning light.
             To clear my mind for the aura of a focussed being..     To put aside self inflicted insercurties brought on by societies images of perfection,
It’s so untouchable. Something I could want so badly, if circumstances were different. But even then, something I shouldn’t want.
I long to fall in love with my life I yearn to live beautifully, Crave to paint my life with metaphor And plant seeds of meaning and significance In everything I do. I dip my brush in a pool of bue
She stared in the mirror wanting moreMore of what she lostThe world was mocking herCracks formed on the glass of her skinShe ran from the image and fellBetrayed by her body holding her down
Out of the frying pan Into the fire Just your fellow man Mislead by desire I can do it, I know I can Liar liar pants on fire
  We wish upon a shooting star, just to change who we are   Gaze among the stars so bright, just so we can see the light  
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I don’t know much about the world, economy, politics and what not I didn’t know about slavery or racism at all for that matter I didn’t know about Martin Luther King’s dream and how the conquest for Civil Rights
Far far away my dreams reside...They are my innermost desires that I can no longer hide...My dreams are crying out to me so my heart believes...My mind whispers, my spirit grieves...Far far away my dreams seem distant...They silently whimper, but
No matter how big, No matter how small, I will make a difference, That will touch the hearts of all. No such boundaries, Can tear me down Because I am me And I don’t frown.
Dreams to me are... The world within a world, Is a story that never gets old. As time alternates inward and outward, My third eye connects the invisible cord. Thoughts begin to gather as a sea of buzzing flies,
Unspoken words are very powerful words Words that go without say But hold strong meanings in the array of thoughts These are my Unspoken Words To you I may look like I got it all
Tell your haters Thank you and your supporters For being Mr. and Mrs. Literal Takes courage to speak one's mind Voices whether positive or negative Celebrate, rejoice in your own vibes
I need your love. Why don’t you love me? Is it because I’m hateful? I need your love. Why don’t you love me? Is it because I’m fat?
When he was born, he was special. He learned things a different way. He seen the world through unique eyes. He spoke in the way he thought others spoke. Some seen him as stupid, but I seen him as unique.
I write to express To give birth to fantasies To show the real me My secretes only paper can see Keep the pain away, Keep my mind sane I write
Without you I’m like a bird without wings Grass that’s not green Trees naked, no leaves. Without you I'm like a song without depth Cheesy lines not in cards The sky with no stars
Cut me open Lay me bare My beating heart I give to you Beneath these lights On this stage I flay myself before you Nothing is held back Nothing will be left In this small time
Both our deepest fear and most transcendent dream— burrow deep within our deepest heart, not to be found By those who search and search with just their hands. It comes to us in darkest night, in most uplifted day
It feels cold here without you... Its funny how much a hug can do. Arms filled with warmth that surround you... However your hugs were more than a comfort... You not only handed me your heart
You see a pretty face I see a beautiful soul You see a smile on her face I see scars on her heart You think she is happy, but you do not see beyond that She hides behind the blue sky
The sound of my heart beats in rage... Boom-Boom, Boom-Boom My Fist clinch in Anger... Boom-Boom, Boom-Boom The sight of him makes me crawl into my inner shell... Where were you?
I never had a home, In fact, I never remember having a family. These people? who are they? I over heard something unpleasent, I could remember the pharses of "Adopted", "Brought here for a reason",
A bunch of scrambled words vomited it upon a page Gleaming with a contrast of feelings and opinion Some may relate to it some may not It could be about love or life or an activist though
Dressed ready to leave, Black skirt and black leggings, I'm dressed for him, I want him to see me, I'm wearing a sliver necklace and small sliver earrings, I'm ready to impress you, not deceive you
Never let yourself be underestimated, For you possess so much untapped greatness. When the road ahead leads to darkness, be true to yourself and you will find that the light within will shine brighter than any other.
College is a place where everyone wants to be. But its not where everyone can see Books, Fees, tution. I hold my breath and keep wishing A miracle, a star or something
Mirrors and mind contort what I see, Skinny and thin is what I must be; 86 pounds just isn’t enough, Starving myself is going to be tough.
I could be classified Labeled, Deemed, whatever, As probably insane. I laugh at this theory, But some of the surrounding Facts verify the thought. A circumstance rises,
If Earth was a boy, what would he make? If Earth was a girl. what would she draw? If Earth was a mother, what would she love? If Earth was a father, what would he teach?
You are an individual Your pasts are only residual You are who you are Others are who they are Don't be swayed by the wrong Because life is way too long You be what you want to be
I am what I am I am a shining star Shining bright to see in the eyes of my family I am what I am I am a musical instrument High and low notes I capture the ear of others I am what I am
Take care, Here, take mine I could afford to misplace it for the now. Tick tock, Youth is slipping over mind and through matter Evaporating and subliming to form the stars on your palm
Could you please pay closer attention to me You know, I matter too According to text I was simply placed here to pump blood through your veins Keeping your body afoot, but
Often times I tend to find That all the times we fight and fight To be an individual Or even feel that we have pull To say in how we want to be We’re fighting anonymity
To learn the pattern of my ways let loose the reigns clipped to my veins. Drive out my demons to the winds and scatter far and wide my sins. Let me free my hearts desires, fulfill my dreams, they'll not expire.
A story never told is just Blank pages with possibilities Causing the mind to begin racing, Ripping and Raving Searching for an answer, amongst so many confusions Today or Tomorrow, Tomorrow or Today?
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