bad relationship breakup heartbreak sad life

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Your scent is intoxicating Your touch is captivating God I want you I want you so bad I miss you But I can't have you It's not good for me or for you This would just break us further
  Everything has began to implode when the sight of your green eyes were set on her blood red nails. My beating heart, My empty words, My hopeless life,
The branches are empty as the birds have flown. The tree still hopes for new nests to be sewn.   The night has passed and it's time for the dawn. Yesterday is there but the shadows are gone.  
Skies darken,The cold arrives. Earlier stays; Later goodbyes.Your face stained in my brain... Every feature saved and secured.Your touch burned into my heart...
I want to wake up in your arms,Tell me this is a dream,Tell me none of it was true,Tell me you still love me.
I still remember your beautiful smile The way your teeth seemed to glow as our eyes met  I remember you  And nothing could ever change that  Because you are special 
In darkness I walk Depths lost time Death owns half my heart Shadows shade this face Times lost soul grace In this darkness Steps pace along chaste
Maybe I'm not good enough. Maybe I'm not what you need. Maybe I will never fit in. Maybe that's fine by me. The girl who'll stand up on her own. No need to come comfort me. Maybe i'm just that strong.
My best friends gone My transparent key The petals fall Black dresses and shoes Exstinece's narrow halls No matter what I lose
I was staring at the ceiling; my mind was far from bed Her words were like a broken record playing in my head I was forced to face the truth; I’d rather face my fears instead Cause I’ll never forget what she said
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