Break Free

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No Rules Poetry doesn’t have rules Just like life It has guidelines that almost everyone follows Of course To be successful You must follow the rules Or so they say Or so I tell myself
Once upon a ti— Wait. We all know how this story goes, A damsel seemingly in distress, begging for help though pleas never fell from her lips, for she is independent.
You may Shut me up Break my will, Imprison me, just because you disagree with my beliefs.
I can’t be me So am I not free? I want to reach the sun And show everyone how it is done But, I am not free Therefore, I am not me I want to be a burning star
Today is the Day….
Curtains, i cry in my distress, Curtains. You lie to me about who i am, you dull the light. Yet  i can not be tricked for i am certain. you push people away, with all your might.  
Behind the curtain and deep inside There’s a girl who can no longer hide She has been hidden too very long And is no longer able to be strong Her hopes are high, and savings low All she wants to do is grow!
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