Why Can't I Be Free?

I can’t be me

So am I not free?

I want to reach the sun

And show everyone how it is done

But, I am not free

Therefore, I am not me

I want to be a burning star

Streaking through the sky wherever we are

But my star is dimming

So, my freedom is slimming

Why can’t I be me?

Why can’t I be free?

My potential has been locked away

Hidden from the world

Never to see brighter days

But I want to be free!

Show the world what it is to be me!

So, I will be free

And, I will be me

I will shine and streak through the sky

And show them what it means to really fly

Because the me I am meant to be is beautiful

So, why not let it out?

You will hear my name one day

And there will be no doubt

That I was set free

And that I turned into a beautiful me.



This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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