anti-suicide anti-bullying

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“I love you”s and “me too”s suddenly become silent under the weight of it all. The pressure seems too great for one person to bear, but there are more hands waiting, waiting for the plea for help.
school is where they hide their shame, fear, and hurt. she puts on the smile, laughs at their jokes so they never know how deep they stung. she couldn't let them know, they would attack her,
A burning building a young girl trapped inside. Finally, they get her out. But the damage was done skin burned and crisped. Eyes empty, a lost soul with little hope.
I hear them yell HEY FAGGOT GET BACK HERE I can’t help but turn around to face them This is so reoccuring that it almost seems okay anymore LOOK HERE, LITTLE GAY BOY IN THE FLESH I just want them to go away
  Every tear that siliently falls from underneath your eyes Is just a piece of the pain you feel inside. The pain is so overwhelming that you need to find a solution, But instead you find the temporary conclusion
Decimation fills the sky the end is nye no reality checks no lullaby...exempt the little horse fly that opens his eyes to the prize...a prize so defined that it can't be seen with the naked eye...the end is nye a time to live a time to die...I
I want to kill myself when there’s no hope that things will change. Nobody will let me forget how I look. I don’t care how I look, so why the hell should everybody else?
When my smile can no longer hide my pain, When the ballet shoe wont fit, When mom might listen but she wont understand "it" (yes, I see me as an object)
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