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"NO HESITATION." If you can't keep going never hesitate to get growing. Your soul dies the moment you give up. Rather keep your head high. #C9_fm
  When you first looked at me, Smiled at me, My heart fluttered, yet I turned away   When you first spoke to me, reassured me,
She believed that it was true, reality.The touch that lead to a warmer sensation inside.The laugh, the voice, the comfort.Complete silence, and pure happiness.She soon found out that it was a moment.
the constanants tingle, the vowels vibrate into placenot quite creating the words but leaving in my brain a faint traceI can feel them in my body, they move from my head into my heart
I spent the year in recovery No, not from a drug-filled accident But instead by love-filled precedent, idealiogical, heaven-sent    Empathy was my violation Agape, Philia, Philia
If ever under an old gray treeWhen hesitation and anger scold free Remember the soft glow of the old jagged moon
yes no maybe set go world career decide college boyfriend kids? no guide can't won't shouldn't did won't  don't
"I love you." Those 3 words, 8 letters, precious moments, elevate me   When I hear those words, my heart begins to race Frantically picking up its pace Blood rushes ot my face as I lose my grace
Standing, arms crisscrossed as the dead, I stand. And now she let's lose in soft lips a coo "Trust me" "I'll catch you" She's waiting, but I'm still standing because what -what if she doesn't?
Close the door, sweetheart. What did you expect? Don’t you know monsters Only ever rest?   Basic observation would have saved you. Why, there can never be two. You knew, you knew.  
And then magically, I was staring in the face of my 14 year old self.A face filled with joy and passion and promises of love.And a handful of butterfly's for the hopeful ones.
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