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As I stare at the photos that once captured the deadbeat I can’t help but to ponder and sob as I remember how it never caught the beating the deadbeat gave to me, I cried until he untied me, I feel like the mission was to end me, now I look at oth
I remember every time we went to see my dad my mom listened to Mary J. Blidge while I looked out to the desert and the white windmills wondering why we had to drive so far. I didn’t mind ,
“How was your day, Sweetie?” “I should get one for my partner too.” “I mean… Would you want to?” It’s as simple as that.
She tried drawing herself as a lover on the canvas of his mind He erased all her sketches when her called her just a friend With one innocent word, she knew it was over then
Laying down on this pillow, staring at the wall Thinking about how often pleasure has made me fall. Like my first sexual boyfriend, he was a con Cause I told him I didn't want sex and he STILL got some.
Daddy like
Close my eyes to get away, darkness envelopes me. But I can't run anymore.   I want him to stay. She won't let him see. Close my eyes to get away.   Tell someone else today.
Sterling Klein
You shall
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