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I respect the Animal Kingdom, most live in zoo's. They reflect the creatures within me, within you. Have love for animals, but don't live like animals or you'll end up caged or shitted on in your own home.
The night loomed over the park. The cold nipped at us. We held hands through the scattered blackness   and I wasn't even afraid of the dark. Red Blue Orange Green White Purple bulbs everywhere,
Lacy trails of light shroud her in golden fog, Feline figure illuminated, nature’s sunny spotlight dancing softly over her Tiny paws stretch curiously along the shadow cast by the open window.
There's trick or treat at the zoo What can you get for me and you? Animals can give you sweet kisses Or sweet wishes They can make you smile For a little bit or a while Monkey's swing from trees
I used to be a weird little girl Who'd rather play with lizards than pearls. In the fifth grade I had an obsession with tigers Almost as strong as Napoleon with ligers.
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