The Zoo

I respect the Animal Kingdom, most live in zoo's. They reflect the creatures within me, within you. Have love for animals, but don't live like animals or you'll end up caged or shitted on in your own home. Read between the lines of this page, what's said and left unsaid. Focus on you, not the peanut gallery or the Zoo.


Here's some lessons from the Zoo to you.


If you keep letting monkey sh*t fly in your presence. You can't get mad when the sh*t hits the fan. It's a present you saved up for yourself. Say thanks.


You can't feed and house every stray dog. Every dog ain't house broken. Pat their head, feed them, pray that they find a home suitable them. Or your house will stink of a sh*tty dirty dog. You can't be mad, you let the dog. come on dawg.


Watch out for snakes, they sneak in through your weaknesses, squeezing you in its warm embrace. The slightest discomfort, signals it too late. Swallowed whole, meet your fate in the belly of the snake.


Beware the beaver, they tend to throw wood here and there. Wood so good and strong, you got knocked over the head, leaving you dazed, confused, battered, and bruised. You lose.


Elephants are huge and cute when they are pink. They thrive in spaces where secrets run deep. Making silence so loud it's hard to think, yet over think about every dish in the dirty kitchen sink.


Keep one eye open for the King, the Lion, he is known for lying. Ego inflated, a false sense of greatness, conceited and clearly phony. Don't get caught up, get your spirit deflated leaving your heart hurt and vision jaded.


Be wary of those squirrels hunting for nuts. Storing them for future meals. A nut is a just a nut, to a squirrel. He will break you open stealing your heart, then drop you on your head. Leaving you for dead and moves on to the next nut, not giving 2 f*cks.


Careful feeding birds, they think their entitled to your whole lunch. Snatch food straight from your mouth, but spread lies of being under fed. They come in flocks, can't just feed one, everyone must be fed. Refuse and end up getting sh*t dropped on your head.


Rats carry diseases, better stay strapped with traps. They spread sickness, death, and lies. Chewing holes in your foundation, lowering your value due to its value lessness.


Keep your head on the swivel for those giraffes with their long necks. Always sticking their neck in others business, but can't watch you back. They just end up being pain in your neck.


A cat is a mystery surely to bring curiosity and spite. And you know what happened to the curious cat. Best walk light or the claws may take flight. Now you're bleeding because the cat wanted to get even from what you fed them last night.


Maybe these lessons from the Zoo, reflects a few character flaws in you. Don't get it confused, we're all prisoners in this Zoo.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



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