2am thoughts

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There is this penny that sits at the bottom of the fountain It's copper shinning with that of suns embrace of the waterIt seems so stationary among the slithering snakes Man-made, durable, permanent Everything we hope but cannot accept Our punishm
Between you and me, Poetry Is not something I've always seen As great and mending. At least not until she Split my heart in three As she turned away from thee Who had brought us together.
A thought comes to me And I can't help but write it down Lest it troubles my mind Keeps it confined To repetitive, uninterrupted, cycles All in the hope of preserving thoughts
This past week has been hard but I’m trying my damndest. You’ve been inviting me over every day but I keep saying no. Because I’m terrified that I’ll go too far and lose something private.
I've turned into the monster I told myself I'd never beThere's been a heaviness in my heart that I thought was temporaryBut now it's become a matter of consistency And every single time it's with more intensity
i dont kn i don't knowif you know by nowbut all these poemswill be taken differently from their pagesand the person they are formay never knowbecause i'm too much of a cowardto tell them they matter   
A perfect fairytale would tell us what really happens after we die, it would tell us why it seems people are so compelled to lie; Who came up with parkway and driveway when it's just the opposite and why procrastination is a thing when you set you
Change As if nothing has happened We gone on living our daily lives We stand, idle We walk, idle We talk, we listen, we speak, idle Never realizing the changes we go through daily  
My thoughts are unique I am the one in control Yet they are not safe
I hope you're happy.. But I also hope you miss me 
We live in a world full of desperation and fear   Where politicians and leaders play dirty to stay on top, Where the well-off fool themselves into a false sense of secrurity,
I don't know how I got to be like this I wonder how I was so unlucky I just remember not wanting to let go Not wanting to forget her I remember she was all I thought about She was everywhere
Of Thoughts and Things   Words of oral pleasure How deeply they penetrate Attempting to conjure what can only be felt   Feelings, the true nature of being Forward and embolden they are
It’s not depression It’s not suicidal It’s not anxiety   Because I tell myself It’s not   Others have it worse
I'm  up in the clouds, alright. I could stay here for a while - Maybe I can't control how I feel sometimes, but right now, I've never felt so much warmth in the winter. The nights are getting shorter,
Insomnia seems to grace me With his presence each night. Loneliness often deafens me With the words he left unspoken. Anxiety holds me hostage, Invoking memories I want to forget.
To live without you would be like living without water. I thirst for your love almost every hour. When I look into your eyes I see how green the earth is. But it’s your smile that makes my love deepen.  
Without music I would be left along with my dark thoughts clouding all judgment whispering bitter words of negativity all night long   With music it's the words I can't find
My mind is blank, My thoughts won't flow. I'm a bit bored,  So I look out the window. I begin a new book, It reminds me of you. If you ask me why,  I'll have no clue.
There's a war in me, 
It’s 2 am in the morning
I've seen death so close, I could almost feel the pills As her throat closed around them.   You belive in a numb peace. But looking at her purple, stiff face, You realize it's not here.  
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