sexual orientation

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Asexual is not a lie We don’t want attention No one simply needs a good fuck We are people too   According to biology sex is a necessity We disagree Sex is a pleasure But not for me
Tell me a secret. Tell me something no one else knows. Tell me something no one else understands. Tell me a secret.   Come here. Closer. Closer. Do you wanna know a secret?
Poetry is words that need to be said It is words trying to escape Poetry is strength when all courage has fled It is words spoken   Poetry is what allows me to say, "I matter."
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH You cannot fix the whole world Not by action, nor by word No matter the insult tossed in your face You have long enough let this conflict unfurl
Equality Just you and me. Why is there discrimination For race and orientation? Why do we judge one another When we could use care to smother? Underneath it all we're the same,
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