The Love We Deserve

Asexual is not a lie

We don’t want attention

No one simply needs a good fuck

We are people too


According to biology sex is a necessity

We disagree

Sex is a pleasure

But not for me


My body is not for you

I am not a victim

Hormones are not my captor

Sex is not my fun time


I deserve love too

Relationships are mutual

Emotions can still exist

Physical reactions are a thing


Just because I don’t request sex

Doesn’t mean I can’t consent

If I don’t enjoy

Doesn’t mean I don’t crave your attention


Is love nothing but sexual

Friendship nothing but favours

Gender meant to be combined

Sex is what runs the world


Asexual is still a sexual orientation

But it still needs connection

We still desire love

I deserve your attention


Pain and suffering

That’s how my relations end

You want my body more than me

You need my reaction more than my time


Lonely and lovely

That’s my existence

Crying at night

Sleeping alone


I want love too

It may be a different kind of love

But love is love

In all shapes and sizes


In all ways and orientations

Love finds us all

But if not physical

Then how does today define love


Emotions are gross

Sex is fun

That’s what they say

All I have all emotions:

I guess that makes me unlovable


I sigh through gritted smiles

Of course, you can try

But I still won’t feel you

Of course, you can force your way

But I still cringe


My body doesn’t belong to you

But I give it away freely

You can have your fun

All I ask is for support


A relationship is complex

We know that more than most

Built on mutual trust and understanding

We ask for your patience


You ask for our body

But you have no right

If we say no

Then accept that


Coerce is harassment

Force is rape

Sex is boring

Communication is clear


We may not want sex

But we still want you

We still want to be wanted

We still need love


Asexual is real

Not all of us are victims

Not all of us have issues

Not everyone has hormone problems


You may not see us

But we’re all around

We hide unseen

We live unloved


Not all of us are lonely

Some of us get frustrated

We are people too

There’s nothing else to it


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