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 Your Call to Duty  Under WayWhen They told You not to Say  “Hurting Children’s not God’s Way!” .
locked hushed cocoons summer falls but winter springs and frees butterflies                                                                                     that release readers
“It will be fun,” they said. One day in, and I was already close to dead. This adventure I was undertaking was supposed to last a week. From my pores, sweat was starting to leak.
Composed with envy atop his brick wall A gust of wind coursing through his veins   Humpty Dumpty sat and pondered, with tears in his eyes as he studied his broken remains  
When the bad days come And life is not fair At least it's better Than Donald Trump's hair Though you may be stuck in A terrible position At least it's not during The Spanish Inquisition
A new day with, new challenges, daily affirmations, halfway keep us on track, insisting that we stop, so we do, now feeling deep dismay, alternating between anger and despair,
The other students make me insane
Churning pudding pie of chocolate, I love you so much! How can I tell this pie that it was worth more than three dollars and fourteen cents? O! O! chocolate pudding, how I love you!
His hair arrayed in a muddy brown mess, With all of the elegance and finesse, Of a homeless man in a burlap dress.    His meticulous life well unkempt,
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