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She leans forward in her chair;sweaty palms and flightful eyes.Her focus is all on                                  the screen in front of her.She doesn't blink as the blocks fall down,The piece she desires
Beware all ye with your glowing slates  that surf oceans far and wide,  for I can assure you that the Fates  wait not for your pitiful tears to dry.    They lie in wait before their screens and mirrors 
When he gazes at her it is in full view of her beauty and to spite those, who say he shouldn't, He is in love with her.  Her skin is warm. So warm that he thinks she might be able to warm his heart,
They call me narcissus in psychology My haters call me vain Instagram says I'm famous but the truth is all the same They love me yet do not know me Want me even as I walk away
The flowers always died in his presence. He had only ever seen the bright and brilliant colors of meadows from a distance.  Never had he been able to feel the soft petals or waft the sweet scent of spring.  
Wildwose and rider And drowsy nightingale. Bird in scrubby bushland Letting sleep prevail. Bellerophon  robber Pegasus did take Horsefly was his ruin Wanderer did make.
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