Feels like Fame

They call me narcissus in psychology
My haters call me vain
Instagram says I'm famous
but the truth is all the same
They love me yet do not know me
Want me even as I walk away
Too scared to start a conversation
But want to hug, to touch, to stay
There's only one who really knows me
One who really understands
I see him in the mirror
For I'm my biggest fan
This idol life is lonely
Which wasn't part the plan
But no one truly knows me
For just a decent man
I've listened to the crowds
I'm a distance above the rest
So yeah I stick my shoulders up and puff on out my chest
Gave myself to the world
And all I caught was hate
It was never good enough
Wasn't all that really great
So now I choose myself
What else could you expect
My photos are amazing
With poses I've perfect
My smiles always trending
The likes don't ever end
But with this constant isolation
My heart goes on the mend
The world does not deserve me
I know this much is true
So yes I chose myself
If you were me
Wouldn't you?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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