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You say I'm like water That can mean many things   Water can be smooth and calm Gentle, cool to the touch Water doesn't stay in one place It doesn't settle down much
Dear myself. Oh how we live without a will to. Live by the "I can't" and regretful "will do's". Stop to examine the terrain, to feel our toes on the mildew.   How we complete one another;
When you’re young, people always ask you,“What do you want to be when you grow up?”And now that I’m growing, my answer has changed,I don’t want to be a chef or a singer or an actor.
People identify themselves by what they see, and who they are near. I must be violent, coarse and rugged, I must be angry, broke and thuggish,  I can't be forgiving let alone loving. 
God gave me a heart to love To sympathize, want, need and all thee above
  To fine for my description, yet woody remarks captures a glimpse of my innocents they call an image.
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