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I don’t want to love no more Everyone playing games Everywhere I go I see the same soul in different bodies… Different faces…
it started so sweet, i actually thought you cared about me. but now i see these were things you wanted me to believe we were living in a fantasy, a world of make believe full of smiles and laughter,
you think you can play with my heart boy i’m not a fucking harp. you think u can treat me like shit sexualize me just to submit. i’m not a part of your little game, your big charade
I lost my best friend. One person I could tell everything to. One that would not judge or laugh at me. Now we have not talked... I lost my best friend in one day. Why did he leave me... Was I not good enough... Did he find someone better?
A young beautiful girl, Who fell in love with a poison, It stripped her of everything she loved, And kept her all to his greedy self, Yet she continued to sip up all the lies,
She’s A Natural Player
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