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Forests occupy lots of space Captalist can use in many a ways Need to cut the trees for wood But to plant again, nobody could From Amazon to Artic, forests are burning A situation, quite concerning
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah All these eletrons in my car got me going fastI just wanna do the cashpush my pedal to the max(Skrr, skrr)
 The world is on fire and flooding as well, The most powerful country is going to hell   The princess and prince have stepped down from royalty And rights are debated as if we aren’t dying  
I want to capture certain vocabulary in the shape of you.    But those words should be free from humanities breath. Our scarring touch. 
Holding up the sky News blaring, eyes staring, accusations thrown as grenades to the other side. It sometimes- It sometimes just becomes too much to see the
He says, We will wax this wood,  And Green Grass will Grow, And all will be amazed; They will be saved!
change is juvenile by erika taylor   oceans rise, a species dies, and my home erupts in flame.   but it's with the Young,  all action and tongue, 
In orde to survive we must be able to breathe. Global warming has become a strong current issue that needs to be faced head on. Without clean air how would we breathe? allow that to sink in !
Black clouds fill the blue skies, White polar bears sink in the cold water. High levels of destruction is happening, And Mother Earth is slowly dying.   Black Oil paints The white feathers of a swan.
Oh how rarely Do we breathe so very deeply That the depths of our souls Are revitalized.
Green, brown, and blue. These are the colors of my energy. For we are one in this small world. Our lives intertwine, where together we can thrive. Or fall.
Initially I was a Marketing
Very vague are the Various viscous Vibrations volleying With vast Motorizing strength, The blasting of the Motor To the best bang Of engine blinding The eye with
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