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(Cruth-tire is Scots Gaelic for 'Landscape') Take it from me, the things you can see The wonders your eyes will behold Mother Nature did good in this neighbourhood It’s a landscape of riches untold  
Splish Water laps over my hiking boots As I ford my way upstream a Wild highland river The wind gusts with an exciting promise Of grandeur just uphill.   Breath heavy Heart light  
How to heaven cries for you, that these were merit and sound apart, from me in a better form for loser life in shares, to hallow in a war for where was me to knowing who was gone, from these in a human battleing, that there was more to ark in me a
Stop to Edinburgh castle, I’m in tran-sit. There’s a grass mar-ket and a little vegan shop. All summer I discover and revisit for-mer favorite cor-ners of Scotland.  
Willies squeaking and puddles rippling
I had my first cigarette
"Breathe in as I light it, I know it seems counter-intuitive."
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