I had my first cigarette
It was a dark Scottish night
The sounds of drunkards and bagpipes echoing through my ears
Depression chased by smoke and caffeine
Forgetting that I was a good girl at home
This new country made me a new woman.

My English teacher wrote a short story about suicide
Entitled "Burnt Sugar and Tea Leaves"
I understood why when I took that first drag
Tasting the bittersweet tobacco as it licked my lips

I hid in the dark as I had my last cigarette 
Before I was to be sent back to the States
Someone screamed and ran away, thinking I was a villain
I told them that I wouldn't hurt them, but then again
I was a new woman, smoking in the shadows 

The smell of smoke sticks heavily and then fades away
And it makes me wonder if old romance is the same
And I ache for another dry puff
Of the smoke
And I ache for another dry kiss
Of my addictions


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