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I'm a tiger.  He's a lion, Or maybe it's a she. Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Because I am better than them, you see?   You may call them the animal kings, And, yes, they're pretty tough,
On the shop A female toy Smiles With me I love The toy Smiles Again So I'm Purchase The toy Just for Smiles Now The toy Smiles My home
The definition of love faded.
I'm a Marionette,Your lifeless little toy,Anyone can play with me,Be they girl or boy.The wires tied around my arms,You control them as you wishYou can break my heart and cause me harm
In her hands is a ball of clay She rolls it in her palms And with her breath, warms it Making it easier to mold.   With her thumb and index finger She makes each arm and leg
What really gets me going in life is the fufillment of dreams and love throughout strife. The courage to do
He makes me smile,He makes me giggle,He makes me laugh.A day without him is like a day without the sun,A day without him is like the air with no oxygen,
As the years have passed
Why is it that whenever,
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