Longing for someone

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15 things I wish I could say to you... One:  I hate you.
Dear 4-year love,  The day I met you Little did I know, I was damned From the start   The day I met you Was meant to be Another unsatisfying day That is until I laid my eyes on you
Everything people said.Everything they did.All of it was true in some way.“Until it happens to you you won't know how I feel.”I get it nowWhy they say “you have a heavy heart”Now that it's happened to meIt feels like I'm falling and will never get
It's been a while since you moved away... If there was a time I'd wish to have back It would be the year before you left I didn't realize how much you mattered to me Until you were gone And even when you went
As I lay down to sleep I feel his dark shadow cross my mind   His fedora tilted low upon his face A black suit and long cape his trademark.   He smiles softly.
 Your birthday's on the clock is teasing me Should I have let you leave? Come back if you care God please lead me to where I need to be I trust that you or who will be with me   
Trapped by hands of desire. Stuck with cries from my own body. Trapped in a ring of fire. Wrapped around me is barbed wire... And it's beginning to tighten painfully.
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