Midnight Dancer

As I lay down to sleep
I feel his dark shadow cross my mind
His fedora tilted low upon his face
A black suit and long cape his trademark.
He smiles softly.
I can only see his soft lips stark against the darkness.
His soft hair curls long down to hit collar.
Every night the same thing
The music begins and he pulls me close.
I feel his shoulder upon my cheek 
My eyes drawn to the face hidden by the black fedora.
His lips move softly singing to the music.
So softly I cannot hear the words
But my heart seems to know the phrases.
He gently guides me across an deserted floor
I trust him completely, to question is abominable.
The echoes of our shoes keep time with the haunting music.
My mind ponders his beauty and grace
He is light upon his feet, his motions smooth and comforting
He tilts his head, I peek to see his piercing blue eyes
Shyly he smiles and swiftly turns me like a ballerina my skirts flow outward
only for him to capture me once more in his embrace
I blush under his scrutiny
Arms strong and yet cold, a breath that touches my cheek
Once in a while he graces my face with his hand
I feel cold wisps upon my neck, icy trails meant to inscribe his desire
My cheek graces his shoulder and I try to nestle up to his neck.
I see a ring on his fourth finger, purple and flashing
In whispers, he reminds me of our oath
Together forever, Never parted.
my sleep grows deeper into darkness
My heart grows closer to its dark guardian
My knight draws me into a sinister cold embrace
I mumble as I fall asleep, I love you.
I hear Forever darling forever....
then the silence becomes deafening
My mind falls into darkness
The emptiness seems to entomb me.
I sleep until the night is nearly gone.
I know he is still with me
My dark angel guards his heart


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