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It is not about, "Oh, there it'll be alright." When something goes wrong. It is about being strong when there is weakness, "We will get through this together." You are there I am there
   When I had nothing,        I ate nothing.      I had told myself I lost everything,    so, that's what i had done.        I took my hands and pushed,      pushed away people, food.   
There are two very important things that you learn in anatomy class.   The first
this rage within me slowly dies, I find myself in the fire, slowly depleting- forging into a quiet night. Beside He stands, pulling me out of this infernal blaze His healing hand has lead me to stand.
It was once like Ebola A fear of instant death   It changed our lives forever The thought of it makes us shiver   Some still fear the name Others fear the shame   We call it AIDS
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