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I'm not Improving So don't try to convince me that I am changing everyday Because when I am alone thinking to myself I point out my flaws and mistakes  (now read from bottom to top)    
Judging. How do you judge? Get to know somebody And learn more about him or her. Judging.
I fell in love with a boy Who never loved me And I knew that But I did not leave Time it would take For a heart to love When it never had loved before   I fell in love with a boy
i am dandelion fluff in a hurricane. high euphoric winds billow across the seas of knowledge andi am one of many that are identicalbut i wish to go where no one else has gone; i get carried away and float briskly to textures of lands unfamiliar an
Ever since elementary it's been the way To change things, to obtain things, to let them hear what you have to say
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