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  Bleeding cries pulled tight with worn out laces Black-white-brown-grey hands weep red against the noise; Malice wears down buckled knees, thrashed faces
I did a research paper my senior, an internal assessment - an IA. I did it on a topic that hit close to my roots: Neoslavery.
9 $10s  90 $1s 900 dimes 9000 pennies  Is that my worth?  People, they're meant to be priceless Traffickers, they call them useless Victims, they feel so hopeless  All this less,
From the day we are born in our lives are in danger.From the moment she took her first breath,Her fate had been decided.She never even made it home.Straight to the chicken farm she went.
Regular girls played hopscotch and dress up They pretended to be grown up. Except for me. I had to be grown up. I was not pretending.   Left to fend for myself every night
Ladies and Gentleman, this one is tall. She’s got long legs, short black hair, and big brown eyes. We’ll start the bid off high at $50. Who wants to buy this exotic beauty for $50? No? How about $70? Okay, last bid. $90 for this Eastern gem.
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