The Prostitute's Hope

From the day we are born in our lives are in danger.
From the moment she took her first breath,
Her fate had been decided.
She never even made it home.
Straight to the chicken farm she went.
SOLD! For $25 to the man in the back.
The money used for clothing and food, the baby never thought of again.
She was taken to a dark building.
From day one raised to a certain standard:
Raised to believe she had no value.
Raised to behave as a submissive servant.
Familiar with anger, fear, loneliness.


On the day she turned five there was no party to be had;
The day of fruition had come;
Time for the investment to finally pay off.
Today she meets her destiny.
The man walks in, the price discussed.
The check is written, the girl released.
For one hour she is his to please,
Becoming the object of his dark, dark dreams.
A minute passed, a scream suppressed. 
Bruised and battered, pajamas stained,
Put through pain no child should ever bear.

At 12 years old out on the street,
Told she no longer earns her keep.
Used too many times, 
Not worth a penny.
Too numb to feel,
Lost all appeal.
No place to stay,
No work today.
Alone on the streets,
No skills to speak of,
Forced to sell herself.


Night after night, the same abuse.
But at least she gets a warm place at night.
Tired and worn, removed from herself.
Until one day when he walks by.
He, the man with a smile –
Not the disgusting smirk of satisfaction,
But the smile of kindness –
Could it be love?
He handles her gently, pays her well.
Then comes back the next night.
Takes her for dinner, buys her nice things.
Calls her his girlfriend, says he'll be there forever.
And he keeps coming back.
The same kindness every time,
He asks her to come away with him.
She's sure of it now.


But all she meets is disappointment,
Taken to a prison not far removed from whence she ran.
There are other girls, all different ages,
One particularly brutal.
That night she slept alone,
The next with multiple men,
But never again with her boyfriend.
He's turned bitter and cold.
Night after night used and abused,
Day after day drugged and abused
Never to be whole again.


Dawn after dawn she cries out the same:
"God, if you're real,
And I don't know that you are,
But if you are real,
why are there so many people who hate me?
So many are trying to hurt me.
I can't even tell the good from evil,
Because even the people I think should be good
Tell me I'm worthless,
Too far gone for your salvation.


"But God, if you're real,
Would you be my protector?
Could You be the one thing about me that is beautiful?
It felt so good the first time he lifted my head
And gave me comfort.
But could you do even more?
I should be dead by now.
Every night I go to work,
Every john that comes in,
I wonder if this will be my last trick,
I wonder if my pimp will beat the shit out of me while I sleep."


Then one night another man,
Kind and sweet,
Causes her to remember.
He treats her well,
Providing an escape from the nightly horrors.
But she knows all men are the same,
Especially the foreign ones.
But he comes back again and again,
Always smiling,
But not the twisted smile of the other men.
Always talking, but wanting to know about her,
Not just dumping.
Always loving, but never making love.


He tells her to run away.
She's heard it before.
Why should this time be any different?
She refuses. He returns.
He invites her again, promising a better future.
She hesitates, then accepts.
He pays the fees, they leave the bar.
Approaching the home her stomach twists.
there are other girls awaiting
"Here we go again."
It's too late to run.
But here the girls are joyful, and everyone is kind.
They welcome her with hugs,
I offer her a shower fresh clothes a warm bed.
All of a sudden a rush of emotion.
Is this real?
Does such hope exist?

She kneels by the bed,
"God if you're real,
And I'm beginning to think you might be,
Thanks for hearing my cry,
Despite the dirtiness inside.
Dawn after dawn I awake;
I realize that you're the only thing keeping me alive.
You have taught me that I don't have to fear.
My nightmares are real,
But so are You.
You will rescue me from those who wish to do me harm.

"God, come soon.
Rescue more girls like me
From the hell we live.
Come quickly, God.
Save my life once and for all.
You're the judge who brings justice
To all who wish to do me harm.
You will break them down
Until they are never a threat again.
The Lord alone is able to save me.
He will bring good things to my life.

She is loved now.
Her needs consistently met.
Learning the love of her Savior
And prospering in the new life he's given.
Yes, this is hope
And this, too, love.
Darkness always flees from the light.


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