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There ain't no holding me back Understand this is who I am So when you plan to attack Just know that I don't give a damn I can't stand deception; Altering the realness'.
Say this Do that Look like her
I'm not like them video girls with the big butts, I don't have gold flowing from my palms like King tut.
Contradictions are all around us Pretty Ugly. Mad Happy. Well than let me be the walking contradiction of perfection. My thigh's don't touch. No Photoshop needed.
Horrid and Sad I begin to think why doesn't anyone love me/ Gruesome is what I had come to believe I was Little did I know  I was Beautiful   Crying so hard with no words to say
Its just me and you in this room, so no need for all the lies. Time to face the naked truth, unmask it from its disguise. There's something I need to tell you, it's been weighing on my mind all day.
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